Photograph of the day – Day 2

I didnt actually shoot this image today. It is part of a Real Estate Photography shoot I did a week ago. I have spent most of today in Photoshop and Lightroom creating DRI images (DRI=Dynamic Range Increase. Its like HDR but creates more realistic photographs) of that shoot.

This image surprised me with how well it turned out.

below are the before and after pix:

Click on the image below to see a bigger version.
Photograph of the day outside-feature-HD-1000px

3 bracketed exposures merged. Canon 550d and Rokinon 8mm


More info on DRI/HDR Photography

If you are interested in this sort of HDR Photography I would recommend Serge Ramelli’s youtube channel. Serge is a French Architectural Photographer and a real master of Photoshop and Lightroom. While his images often end up on the side of over the top his techniques are perfect and he is very easy to follow and understand.

Check out one of his early videos on DRI Photography editing: