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Photo Of The Day

I was driving around the bays yesterday and this AMAZING light was shining down on Island Bay. It looks kinda biblical to me…like the light shining down from…


Pic Of The Day – aka: Light Painting

So I’m not going to upload every pic of the day to this site. They will, however, all be on my FB page here. I did some light…


Photo Of The Day – 3

3D Image. The before and after below:


Photograph Of The Day

Photograph of the day – Day 2 I didnt actually shoot this image today. It is part of a Real Estate Photography shoot I did a week ago….


Photograph Of The Day

I’m going to try and take one half decent image every day. I suspect I will fail but as long as it makes me take more images then…

Eastbourne Boat Shed - New Zealand Photography Tours

Before And After – Lightroom Editing

Ive been brushing up on my Lightroom skills lately. I also found this cool WP plugin that creates before and after sliders. So below are some before and…


Rokinon 8mm Test Shots

What a crappy day today was! COLD wet and windy as hell. I decided to man up and go out side and shoot some test shots with my…