I decided to test out the night photography ability of my Canon G12 today.

I ended up back at Oriental Parade just after the sunset.  I thought I had a tripod in the car but I didn’t.  Knowing that I was going to have to steady the camera I was restricted to using the dolly I made a few month ago on the top of my car as a make shift tripod.

I took several bracketed sets of pix as I intended to make HDR or at least composite images.

The images shown here however are not HDR from multi frames.

I did put a few images together with Nik Collection HDR in Photoshop but they were AWFUL.

I think I may have found something that the G12 doesn’t do well! None of the over exposures had any really useable sharpness or detail. The unders were kinda muddy in the blacks.

Having said that I am really quite pleased with these two images.

The black and white is a nice dark single frame that lends its self to a grainy moody B&W image.

The colour image is a neutral exposure that I composited (is that a word?) manually so that the foreground, water, hills and sky all look the way I want them too.

I love night photography…I think next time I will take the Olympus EPL3 kit our for a spin.