Years ago I had a cellphone with an amazing closeup camera.

It has always annoyed me that the cameras on iphones and androids cant close focus…well tonight I was trying to read the writing on some old cell batteries and I couldn’t so what I did is take a pic with my cellphone (galaxy s3) and then zoom into the image to be able to read it.

That got me wondering if there was some sort of Magnifying Glass kind of app. There is, in fact there are hundreds.

I started downloading the 2 most popular and least resource hungry versions. When the first had finished I opened it and was instantly amazed at how close it could focus.

The second app called Magnifier was even better.

Not only was the UI much nicer it also had a camera function!

Below is a pic I took with it at 100% crop. Just in case you are wondering what you are looking at, its my key ring!