I have been thinking about essential parts that I am missing in my Olympus EPL3 kit lately.

One thing that was really worrying me was my lack of a remote/cable release.  I have several versions for the Canon SLR system but assumed that getting one for my EPL3 kit was going to be either expensive or impossible.

So today I started looking.  The system I really wanted was the amazing Camranger but it is available for Canon and Nikon only at this stage.

I do think I am going to end up with a full Canon DLSR kit at some stage in the near future but for now I have decided to try and get the basics sorted with my EPL3 kit so that I can use it as a more Professional system for now.

This led me to look for a basic Cable release. The OEM Olympus remote is about $90usd and shipping to New Zealand would make it close to $200nzd…..I’m sorry but that’s just too much money for a freakin cable release!

I then found a few off brand cables on Ebay and Amazon but they were either very very cheap and nasty looking or over $30usd (add shipping to here in NZ again) and that’s still too much money IMHO for something that just triggers the shutter.

After a few different search terms I stumbled upon a cool looking remote system with an actual wireless receiver and sender.  It’s called the Pixel Oppilas RW-221.  I think with this remote, a Wifi SD card and my Galaxy Tab I will have most of the functionality of the Camranger system mentioned above (and for way less than half the price).

I ordered The RW-221 directly from the MFG in China today and expect to have it in 15-20 days.  I will post again when it arrives and I have had the chance to use it.

dsc_1592_d800 ScreenShot013