I have a slight problem with collecting!

I have a Massive Vintage Skateboard collection and of late my Photography Gear is starting to reach the levels of being called a collection….

The one saving factor in my collecting madness is that I actually use the cameras I buy and I get great pleasure out of how they produce differing results.

My collection is mainly film cameras and they range all the way from a decent Canon EOS 5 Kit (but not as nice as my full Eos 5 kit I sold in the early 2000s when I stopped shooting film) right down to Olympus fixed focus point and shoot cameras not to mention the many Mju’s etc.

One of my favorite Film Cameras. FAST and sharp.

One of my favorite Film Cameras. FAST and sharp.

But the Camera that I am really loving at the moment is the Canon G12.

Now I have wanted a Canon G series since about the G7 or so but they seemed like a lot of money and the reviews on their performance has always been iffy so I never shelled out for one.

Well that all changed about a year ago when I met a cool older mechanic who turns out to be a massive photography geek. He had a G9 and a G12 sitting at home doing nothing because He doesnt like them! He agreed to sell me either and I jumped at the G9 because of the nearly stupid price he offered it to me for.

The first thing I noticed about the G9 was how small it was…Ive seen heaps of pic and videos of it but I really thought it was a much bigger camera. Initially I was concerned about the small size but after a few days I was loving it. The one thing I really wished the G9 had was better video capability so I decided to sell the G9 and go back to my new Photography friend and buy the G12 off him.

On pure looks I actually like the G9 better but everything else is just that much better on the G12.

Now as I mentioned before, I have A LOT of cameras (including a decent Olympus epl3 kit) but the G12 has become the one camera I grab almost every time I leave home. I love shooting with it. I love the dials. I love that non photographers think its an “old school” camera. I love the ease of the custom modes. Its fast enough for pretty much anything Ive shot with it so far. And the battery seems to last for ever.

The one and only negative Ive found so far is the quality at ISO over 800 but I actually use slow sync flash so its never really been a problem for me. Actually I just remembered another problem I had with the G12. For some reason the auto focus was out quite often but after shooting more pix and being more mind full of that issue it is now not a problem at all……and I cant really say what the issue was.

In my opinion the G12 is a GREAT camera made even more attractive by the fact that you can pick up a second hand one for around $500 at the time of writing.

Here are a few of my favorite images Ive shot with my new Favorite camera, the G12: