Wow I am getting slack at posting to this site!!
I have been all re-invigorated about photography over the last few weeks…..having said that I dont have a lot to show for it in term of content.

I have had an idea for a project/book called “From the car” or “From the side of the road”… something like that. ┬áBasically a landscape book of New Zealand shot entirely from either inside a vehicle or just outside the vehicle but still on a main road. ┬áJust as a show case of how AMAZING this country is and a reminder to everyone who is lucky enough to call NZ home that we really need to appreciate what is literately just outside the window.

I have been recouping from an injury for the last few month and as a result I have been a passenger on several road trips (I have ALWAYS been the driver since I was about 17 or 18) and I have started to snap a few images as the wizz by the window at 100kmph.

It is VERY hit and miss. In fact much more miss that hit but here are a few of the images I have taken that I’m most happy with.

I like this approach and I think with a bit more practice I will get the camera settings and physical actions a bit more dialed for a few more usable shots.

2016-2-16-back-from-ak-2 2016-03-22-Island-bay-from-Matts-VS 2016-2-16-back-from-ak-1